NeuroFlo Network Control

The NeuroFlo Network Control automatically controls and coordinates a sequence of gates installed at check structures along the length of a canal.

Features and Benefits

With NeuroFlo software, operation of the whole canal network is optimized in response to customer requirements. Constant flows to farmers are maintained while simultaneously eliminating spills at the end of the canals. By eliminating unnecessary spills, more water remains available in the dam or river for use at another time.

With NeuroFlo, canal networks can be operated almost on-demand, providing farmers with more flexibility, equity and productivity. Distribution efficiencies of up to 90% have been achieved, and where canals are fed by pumping, results in substantially reduced energy costs.


  • Automatic coordination of all regulating gates
  • Rapid, near on-demand response to farmer need
  • Response optimized by real measurements of specific hydraulic behavior in every section of canal
  • No unnecessary spills