The BladeMeter is a major advance in valve technology.

With the BladeMeter it’s now possible to automatically deliver precise quantities of water at both high and low flow rates in pipelines using only natural pressure (gravity) and solar energy.

The BladeMeter precisely controls and measures flow onto farms, even with low and fluctuating pipeline supply pressure.

Large Meter Diameter Icon

Large Diameter

For high-flow gravity irrigation

NMI Pattern Approved Icon

Pattern Approved

Flow measurement accuracy has been certified in Australia under NMI M 10 for the 2ft BladeMeter model

Sonaray Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Icon

Sonaray™ Technology

20 transducers across 5 planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine flow rate

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Solar-charged battery system with 80, 120, 160 watt solar panel options

Remote Operation Image

Remote operation

Can be controlled remotely using SCADA or over cellular networks using SCADAConnect™

Features and Benefits

The BladeMeter precisely controls and measures flow onto farms, even with low and fluctuating pipeline supply pressure. With remote control built-in, it can be remotely operated or pre-set to turn on and off automatically to deliver the right flow rate at the right time, day or night.

Its compact, all-in-one design ensures rapid installation, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Using only natural gravity pressure and solar powered valve actuators, the BladeMeter has an extremely low cost of operation. In addition, its unique actuation mechanism and large diameter reduces head loss, helps to prevent weed fouling and is easy to visually inspect, service and clean.

By using Sonaray™ flow measurement technology it measures accurately at high and very low flow rates, so it has the flexibility to deliver water at rates suited to any crop type and irrigation method.

The BladeMeter is ideal for farm turnouts
  • Connected to hydrostatic (gravity) pressure pipes
  • Connected to open canal supply networks
  • That need to pass a wide range of flow rates
  • Requiring remote operation and accurate metering
  • That need to be fully accessible for easy maintenance
  • Large diameter for high flow gravity irrigation
  • Fully submersible
  • Sonaray flow measurement accuracy of ±2.5%**
  • Solar powered
  • SCADA-ready communication system
  • Pattern approved under the NMI M 10 Australian Standard
Control capabilities

The BladeMeter’s built-in software provides the following control options: 

Control objective Valve action
Local Position Opens to a desired position and stays there
  Flow Maintains a desired flow rate
Network* Demand Incorporates knowledge of pipe network dynamics and overall demand to maintain desired flow rates through multiple turnouts

* Network operation is only available when used in a pipe network with other BladeMeters as part of a Rubicon Low Energy Pipeline solution.

When used with Rubicon’s Low Energy Pipeline solution, the BladeMeter is able to manage large flows in situations where pressure and elevation head (hydraulic grade line) is frequently below 10m.

Local control pedestal

Each BladeMeter installation includes a robust pedestal that provides power and control to the valve and is a secure, weatherproof housing for electronic components and batteries.

The pedestal also serves as a local user interface. A keypad and LCD display are located under the lockable pedestal lid, allowing farmers to monitor, or operators to control and troubleshoot on-site.

Unique low head loss design

Traditional buttery valves use a circular disc in the flow path to control flow through the conduit. This creates substantial flow disturbance, resulting in head loss, particularly at lower flow rates when the valve is only open by a small amount. Many valves are inherently unstable at lower opening angles, which limits their ability to precisely control flows. The disc also forms an obstruction upon which debris can easily become wedged.

The BladeMeter’s unique dual-plate design provides excellent hydraulic performance, minimizing flow disturbance and maximizing flow capacity. The control plates sit downstream of the flow path and their contoured surfaces promote a smooth and symmetrical flow profile, making it ideal for gravity applications where it is essential to minimize head loss.

Additionally, the dual plate design minimizes the opportunity for weeds and other debris to accumulate and clog the meter.

Traditional valve  (plan view)

Traditional valve designs, such as butterfly valves cause swirling eddies resulting in friction losses and create an obstruction for weeds and other debris to catch on

BladeMeter™ (plan view)

The BladeMeter’s control plates have been designed to minimize head loss by maintaining a uniform flow profile

BladeMeter flow measurement accuracy

The BladeMeter’s Sonaray technology enables it to measure to within ±2.5%.

2’ BladeMeter measured by the Australian Flow Management Group, University of South Australia, March 2019

BladeMeter flow measurement accuracy


The BladeMeter uses core technologies which are common across TCC products:

Sonaray™ flow measurement

The BladeMeter employs Rubicon’s Sonaray cross-path ultrasonic flow measurement technology. Twenty transducers across five planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine velocity by measuring the transit time taken for the pulses to travel between transducers. Cross-path measurement means that the control valve can be located directly downstream from the measurement area without affecting accuracy. It also eliminates the need for flow profile calibrations that are required for single-point, single-path and doppler flow meters. The BladeMeter also has an additional downward-facing transducer to verify that the pipe is completely full. Any air in the top of the pipe prevents signal transmission and reception, triggering an alarm. The BladeMeter’s Sonaray technology enables it to measure to within ±2.5%.

BladeMeter Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Transducer Paths

Valve control technology

The BladeMeter’s drive mechanism is a nut and shaft system that uses opposing threads machined into a high grade stainless-steel shaft to provide positive drive for valve opening and closing. Together with integrated digital valve position sensing, the BladeMeter precisely modulates to deliver a required flow rate, even with fluctuating supply pressure.

The flow control plates are driven by a long-life brushless motor and gearbox located within an IP68 rated housing. Rubicon’s SolarDrive™ technology – a purpose-built integrated circuit board – manages valve positioning, solar power regulation, battery charge, fusing and the pedestal keypad interface.


Submersible motor housing