The SlipMeter is a breakthrough all-in-one gate and meter for farm turnouts and canal offtakes.

Accurate flow measurement, precise flow control, power supply and radio telecommunications are fully integrated into the SlipMeter.

Sonaray™ flow measurement technology means the SlipMeter provides measurement accuracy in real-world open canal flow conditions and can maintain accuracy at high and very low flow rates.

Water level measurement icon

Integrated MicronLevel Sensors

MicronLevel water level measurement sensors are housed within the internal frame

CableDrive mechanism icon for flow gate control

CableDrive Actuation

Positive drive in both the raise and lower directions, with positioning to within ±0.5mm (0.02in) for precise control

Sonaray Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Icon

Sonaray™ Technology

32 transducers across 8 planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine velocity

Solar Powered Icon


Solar-charged battery system with 80, 120, 160 watt solar panel options

Remote Operation Image

Remote operation

Can be controlled remotely when connected to a SCADA system or over cellular networks using SCADAConnect

Features and Benefits

The SlipMeter uses Rubicon’s unique ultrasonic array flow measurement technology to accurately measure flows even in turbulent conditions. Instantaneous flow rate and total volume passed are recorded, providing a precise account of water usage.

It features a local LCD display which provides irrigators with the ability to control the supply point and view instantaneous flow rate, volume of current delivery, and total flow volume for the season.

The SlipMeter can be managed and monitored on-site or operated remotely when connected to a SCADA network such as Rubicon’s SCADAConnect™ system.

The SlipMeter is ideal for
  • Measuring and controlling flow in farm turnouts
  • Canal-to-pipe applications
  • Automation of canal regulators
  • Automation of canal offtakes
  • Lowering civil costs because there is no need to stabilize flow at entry and exit
  • Turnouts requiring very low head loss and/or high accuracy
  • Independently verified Sonaray™ flow measurement accuracy of ±2.5%†
  • Exceeds California SBx7-7 requirements
  • Solar-charged battery system or mains power
  • Robust high-duty cycle operation and long life
  • SCADA ready communication system – can be integrated to many SCADA platforms
  • Partially-full measurement when fitted with MicronLevel™ sensor
Control capabilities

The SlipMeter automatically controls the flow of water by varying the gate position based on a desired set-point or on irrigation demand as shown in the table.

Control objective Gate action
Local Position Moves to a desired set-point and stays there
Flow Maintains a constant flow regardless of canal level
Upstream water level Automatically adjusts the gate to maintain a desired water level immediately upstream of the SlipMeter, regardless of canal flow
Network Supply Changes the flow to match the flow supplied from the network above the gate while maintaining a stable upstream water level
Demand Changes the flow to match measured outflow from the network below the pool while maintaining a stable downstream water level


Local control pedestal

Each SlipMeter installation includes a robust pedestal that provides power and control to the gate and is a secure, weather-proof housing for electronic components and batteries.

The pedestal also serves as a local user interface. A keypad and LCD display are located under the lockable pedestal lid, allowing farmers to monitor, or operators to control and troubleshoot on-site.

Low maintenance

The SlipMeter’s modular design allows it to be maintained in the field with minimal tools, training, and easily replaceable parts.

  • Level sensors are easily removed during in-field servicing
  • Seals can be replaced
  • On-site diagnostics built into the software
  • Service can be done by local Rubicon field technicians or authorized/trained independent local integrators
Easy to install

SlipMeters are designed to mount to existing headwall structures as well as purpose-built emplacements, significantly reducing costs associated with civil work.

Installed and operational in two days during irrigation or off-season
Factory calibrated and pre-configured

Existing manual gate

Replaced with SlipMeter

Independently tested flow measurement accuracy

The SlipMeter’s flow measurement accuracy has been independently verified under a wide range of conditions and has demonstrated compliance with California’s SBx7-7 legislation.

  • Provost & Pritchard engineers in California conducted in-situ testing in a customer turnout configuration under calm, turbulent, and extreme turbulent conditions. Download a copy of the report here.
  • Manly Hydraulics Laboratory in Sydney, Australia conducted laboratory tests under wave disturbance, upstream disturbance and submerged conditions. Download a copy of the report here.
  • In addition, as of April 2022, the flow measurement accuracy of Rubicon’s SlipMeter™ SM-600 received official certification from the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute, read more here.

SlipMeter flow measurement accuracy

*Accuracy of 24in 45° SlipMeter verified by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory,

April 2011 and Provost & Pritchard, November 2011


The SlipMeter uses technologies developed by Rubicon which are common across TCC™ products:

Sonaray™ flow measurement

The SlipMeter employs Sonaray ultrasonic array technology. Thirty-two transducers across eight planes send and receive ultrasonic pulses to determine velocity by measuring the transit time taken for the pulses to travel between transducers. The measurements from each plane are then integrated to construct the flow velocity distribution.

This technique is resistant to swirl, or other non-uniform velocity distributions caused by garbage or other debris. It also eliminates the need for flow profile calibrations that are required for single-point,  single-path and doppler flow meters.

High-strength FormiPanel™ construction

High Strength FormiPanel™ constructionThe SlipMeter features FormiPanel™, Rubicon’s high-strength construction method that uses techniques adopted from the aerospace and marine industries.

The gate panel and meter assembly is made from a laminate construction that utilizes high-strength industrial adhesives to bond structural grade aluminum extrusions and skin plates to a synthetic core material. The result is strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

CableDrive™ and SolarDrive™ gate control technology

CableDrive™ is Rubicon’s actuation system designed to provide precision gate position accuracy and repeatability in harsh environments. The drive is a wire-rope (cable) and drum mechanism that provides positive drive in both the raise and lower directions. It is designed for high-duty cycle operation and provides precise gate positioning to within ±0.02in (0.5mm).

The drive is managed by Rubicon’s SolarDrive™ technology – a purpose-built integrated circuit board that manages gate positioning, solar power regulation, battery charge, fusing and the pedestal user interface.


User interface LCD screen
Data interface RS232/485, USB, Ethernet, Protocols – DNP3, MDLC, Modbus, TCP/IP, others
Local interface language English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian (metric/imperial units)
Data tags A comprehensive set of tags are available for integration into SCADA systems
Data storage Historical data can be uploaded locally via USB for post processing.
Not full alarm Alarm indicates when meter box is not full
Control Local or remote via SCADA
Electronics SolarDrive™ power management and control technology housed in the local control pedestal. Each unit passes a 12hr heat pre-stress and 100% functional test
Motor 12V DC
Gate position 256 count magnetic encoder
Seal performance <0.1 gallons/minute/foot of seal (exceeds AWWA C513)
Actuation options 12V DC powered (solar); 120-240V AC powered; mechanical override; electrical override pendant and battery
Flow measurement
Technique Cross-path ultrasonic transit-time
Measurement resolution 100 picoseconds
Measurement rate 2.5 seconds

±2.5% verified in Rubicon’s hydraulics laboratory between flow ranges of 1cfs to 24cfs. In addition, the 24in 45° SlipMeter has been independently verified to be accurate to within 2.5% by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, April 2011 and Provost & Pritchard, November 2011.

Measurement range Accuracy listed above is achieved at flow velocities greater than 1.2 in per second for meters with a 45 degree path angle and greater than 3.25 in per second for meters with an 11.25 degree path angle. Maximum flow capacity is determined by site hydraulic conditions, but is typically greater than 6.5 ft/second. Consult your Rubicon sales engineer for details.
Sensor quantity 32 individual ultrasonic sensors, arranged in four cartridges, across 8 planes of measurement
Calibration method Factory pre-calibrated. Optional ultrasonic level sensor is also internally self-calibrating. Simple in-field verification process.
Water level measurement (optional)
Technique Ultrasonic
Accuracy 0.02in (0.5mm)
Resolution 0.004in (0.1mm)
Frames Extruded marine grade aluminum
FormiPanel™ Rubicon’s Marine grade aluminum composite laminate gate panel
Corrosion protection Marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel materials designed for typical irrigation water applications. Additional chemical corrosion protection is available for -P models, which are provided with a polyamine-cured epoxy coating. Please consult your Rubicon sales engineer.
Hardware and Shafts Stainless-steel
Seals EDPM rubber
Wear strip PVC
Pressure rating 9.8ft differential pressure or specified checking height (whichever is greater)
Water level sensor Anodized aluminum and copolymer acetyl plastic with stainless-steel fittings
Power supply 12V DC self-contained battery charged from solar panel or AC mains power
Solar panel 80, 120 or 160 watt polycrystalline silicon solar cell
Batteries Sealed gel lead acid with temperature sensor (~5yr life, provides ~5 days of operation without solar or mains power input) or optional lithium LiFePO4
Protocols DNP3, MDLC, Modbus, PLC-5, SLC500, TCP/IP

Specifications subject to change