Operations Management Solution

Streamline internal processes and reduce costs by automating the collection and management of water delivery requests and by using software tools to simplify the planning and execution of water delivery, to check water rights and regulatory compliance and for invoicing.


Efficiency is a lot more than water usage; it’s about working smarter too and providing your customers with a better service, faster, quicker and cheaper. In irrigation districts where control gates are manually operated, much can be achieved by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of other operations including collecting and planning water deliveries, checking regulations and invoicing.

A dedicated web portal and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system means farmers can manage water delivery requests for themselves, 24 hours a day and have them checked automatically against water rights or other compliance rules. Once captured, the clever visual tools for order-linking enable you to plan deliveries quickly and efficiently and to reduce planning cycles. They help you to maximize deliveries and reduce field costs because the system contains knowledge of your channel network’s physical layout and connections and any logistical constraints on delivery.

Once planned, a field operator’s running sheet can then be generated with up-to-date instructions even with changes that come with short notice.

In addition, the solution streamlines communication with farmers who can receive messages by email or fax, or login to the web portal to view water statements, read bulletins you have issued, or send a message to your staff. Messages are logged and audited so nothing gets lost.

And invoicing is made simple and timely because you can generate invoices or despatch the information required by your accounting package by defining your tariff structure, made up of any combination of charges. There is no longer any need to have customer, usage, asset or other relevant data duplicated across systems causing errors and delays.

Features and Benefits

Better service
Farmers can manage their water requests and usage online 24 hours a day. Reports and bulletins can also be delivered electronically.
Reduce request lead-time
With farmers able to enter water requests online and tools that make planning easier and faster, the lead time for placing requests can be reduced, helping farmers make better choices.
Reduce duplication
Reduce duplication in key data by maintaining it in a well-designed database. Data such as farmers’ names and addresses, water rights, crops, farmers, turnouts and the like can be maintained in a single central repository for access by your other applications.
Increase data security
Integration with Microsoft Active Directory is standard, and multi-level authorization tools provide secure access to all your data. Actions and farmer interactions are logged for auditing.
Reduce costs
With planning, invoicing and data maintenance streamlined, your staff become more efficient.


The Operations Management solution is made up of modular TCC® technology:

Customer Connect

The dedicated web portal provides the ability to communicate directly with farmers, even 24 hours a day. Farmers can manage their water delivery requests, manage water usage and receive messages or information bulletins by text, fax or email according to their preference.

Network Visualisation

The Network Visualization software function pack provides a visual, schematic representation of the irrigation network. It makes planning easier with a summary analysis of total current demand at any point. It also shows the remaining capacity of any canal pool and pools upstream.

Orders, Rotations & Scheduling

This software function pack collects water delivery requests, logs them and provides tools to help you schedule them and create running sheets. Alternatively it helps manage rotations if used in your district.

Tariffs, Rates & Invoicing

Whatever your tariff structure, this function pack can reflect it, whether made up of water usage or farm size, combinations of fixed or variable costs, or one-time or regular charges. Then have the data sent to your current accounting package.

Rights & Compliance

This function pack checks water delivery requests are within farmers’ rights and checks compliance with any government or other stakeholder requirements.